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Photo: Sven-Erling Brusletto

«RAHČAN – ELLAS OPPRØR» is a documentary about Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen's attempts to save her village and culture from destruction. A mining company is setting up a mine and dumping its waste into Repparfjorden. Ella’s weapon is her voice: The song, music, and the fact she dares to mount the barricades and shout. Ella is torn between the strong bond to her village in Finnmark and her new life in Oslo with a career and her partner. Spring of 2020, her career as a musician falls together. Will she attempt to stand up, gather strength and win the battle against the mine?

Directed by Anne Marte Blindheim and produced by Einar Film Drama and producer Eirin O. Høgetveit.

«RAHČAN – ELLAS OPPRØR» will premiere at the Bergen International Film Festival Saturday, the 22. October 2022.

Publisert: 20.9.2022
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