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Production services

Production Services

Norway is an extraordinary country for both the people who live here and also travel here. Our nation continues to be the chosen destination for some of the largest film studios and most decorated brands. For over 20 years, Einar Film & Fortellinger have been offering top-tier production services here in Norway. Our team of experienced and motivated professionals has added production value to commercials and music videos. Our knowledge isn’t limited to just the technical aspects of production; our team continues to expand on our growing database of this picturesque country‘s unrivaled location opportunities. We are devoted to helping the world of production in Norway evolve and can‘t wait to host you and your next project.

Remote Shooting

In these complicated times, we have been forced to innovate while keeping health and safety our top priority. We have, alongside Krypton Oslo, developed a creative approach to remote production that invites clients and directors via high-resolution video streams, camera feeds, remote video villages, and live editing/post while seamlessly incorporating major video conferencing platforms. This allows us to minimize the travel and do our part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Production Services
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