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Kids in Crime

Kids in Crime is a tv-series set in the early 2000s about a group of teenagers who start selling drugs such as Rohypnol. The tv-series is based on a true story and real personalities. The production has a high emphasis on authenticity. It is produced for one of Norway’s biggest tv-network TV2. Our brief was to develop a visual identity for Kids in Crime that can be used on- screen, streaming platforms, digital platforms, social media, and OOH as a part of the launch. The delivery had to include an idea and design for the launch, a logo for the tv-series, font, images, and colors.

We wanted the tv series’s visual identity to reflect its production’s authenticity. And, since this tv-series is of graphical content, our idea was that the design for the tv-series should help the tv-network to publicize teasers and billboards with imagery that generally would have to be censored or be pulled from social media. The solution is a logo that works as a sticker: A physical logo that can be used on top of images and films to hide parts that show drugs, sex, and violence. The sticker would also reflect the typical behavior where teenagers would stick it to walls, skateboards, public places, public toilets, etc.

The result was a visual identity that works as an extension of the tv-series and gave an authentic launch campaign that engaged new and younger audiences for the tv-network.

For authenticity, the images used as a part of the visual identity and launch were taken with disposable cameras during the show’s production. This gave realistic photos that didn’t look like “advertising.”

The design is inspired by the period of the early 2000s. The blue tongue indicates the use of Rohypnol. Physical stickers were also produced and distributed as a part of the launch.

The font chosen to compliment the imagery and logo is inspired by bored kids who scratch letters into their desks and vandalism.

We used the images from disposable cameras to show typical scenes of graphical content of the show with the logo stickers on top of it. All the teasers shared through social media and the digital web also used stickers.


Kenneth Karlstad
Morten Foss
Creative Director
Jørgen Magnussen
AD / Kreatør
Henrik Sæther
AD / Kreatør
Nils Hausken
AD / Grafisk Designer


Ide og konsept, grafisk design og lansering


Nov 2022
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